The Hustle Lab

Unearthing solutions for the hidden and most pressing problems of the modern workplace

Some of the hardest problems of the workplace are the hardest to talk about. Conversations about crises of diversity and negotiation, for example, rarely address their roots. It’s no wonder that existing solutions are often only cosmetic: Speak up for yourself.  Try to be more diverse. Lean in.

  Co-founders Nabiha Syed and Azmat Khan

Co-founders Nabiha Syed and Azmat Khan

We launched The Hustle Lab to investigate unseen problems. Convening workers  in structured small-group discussions—our ‘labs’—we explore issues ranging from declining salary transparency to superficial commitments to diversity. Our goal is to unearth solutions.

The findings from our labs are only one part of our process. Another is turning those lessons into practical and accessible advice for everyone — not just individuals, but also institutions and structures that underpin them.

We're operating in beta for now, but subscribe below for updates, or get in touch if you're interested in joining an upcoming lab.